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23 Jun 2014

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution - Contraband including: avocado - eggplant - Cabbage - Broccoli - mushrooms (mushrooms, mushroom) black olives - potatoes normal. fruits: most fruits are necessary for the body because they contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, but there are types of fruits as you wish, but not good for your health because they increase the acidity, and especially fruits with dull colors figs and plums, you know the fruit is right for you to take advantage of them in order to draw the acidity of the stomach and the lack of an ulcer, for example, oranges, Tangerines, strawberries must be removed from your system because they contain acids high, as well as grapefruit.  Also not suitable for this species never it contains a lot of saturated fat and little interest for the body of nutrients. 

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam Fruits useful: apples - figs Conqueror - plum red and green - grapes - guava - "most fruits except contraband." contraband: black berry - orange - Tangerines - strawberries.  Juices and fluids: The vegetable juice more useful for this species of fruit juice because baseline while working fruit sometimes the vicinity of acidic because they contain sugars juice, apple while pineapple juice is good for this species. 

Juices are useful for this species: black cherry - pineapple - plum - peach - grape juice - vegetables - tomato juice - option - the islands.  Contraband: orange juice - apple juice - juice of cabbage. Spices: can use spices because each is considered beneficial because it contains iodine salt food and seaweed Kelp, parsley helps relieve stomach acidity and irritation. beneficial and useful of spices: curry - parsley - pepper - Clove - Cummins - chocolate - agar - Dill - garlic - mint - sugar - tamarind. Contraband of spices: cinnamon - corn - black pepper - white pepper - vinegar - vanilla.

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