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23 Jun 2014

O blood type  Proper diet:  Foods that increase weight:  Wheat: slow metabolism.  Corn: slow metabolism.  Pulses or beans Blue: spoil and damage burn calories.  Lentils: inhibits the representation of food right.  Cabbage and broccoli: inhibits hormones thyroid glands.  Retriever Green: inhibits the production of hormones, thyroid glands. Foods that help you lose weight:  Dog (KELP): seaweed contain iodine and helps produce hormones thyroid glands.  Seafood  Salt iodine: because it contains iodine. 

Tom Brimeyer Review Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam Liver: source Vitamin B helps to correct representation.  Red meat: help metabolism right.  Spinach and broccoli: help metabolism right.  "stomach persons belonging to this species is characterized by the ability to digest all the meat described without any problems", but must be selected vegetables fruit and appropriate so as not to increase the acidity of the stomach, which may cause ulcers of the stomach and thus affect the stomach wall.  Meats useful for this species:  Beef - lamb - liver - heart.  Meats neutral and that can be eaten without harm:  Chicken - turkey - Rabbits - ducks.  Meat forbidden or taboo: 

- Goose - fish.  Fish and seafood:  Useful ones:  Blue fish - cod - trout - salmon - sardines - fish red (Red Snappers) - mackerel.  Neutral without damage:  Oysters - shrimp (shrimp) - squid - turtles - shark - lobster - Shells – frogs. Taboos and prohibitions of fish:  Caviar - Octopus - canned fish and pickled (tuna - anchovies).  Dairy:  Prefer not to use whole milk but can use milk soy cheese, soy.  Neutral milk products without harm:  Butter - cheese - milk and soy cheese - sheep cheese.  Taboos and prohibitions:  American cheese - and Swiss cheese - dairy kinds - cheese Karim (cups) - blue cheese.  Oils and fats:  Oils beneficial and useful:  Olive oil - flax oil.  Oils allowed any neutral without damage: cod liver oil - sesame oil We Have The Success Stories


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