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23 Jun 2014

1 - Characteristics of the administration and Relay and open the appetite and the expulsion of gases and worms from intestines and alert the sex glands. 

2 - Prescribed for the treatment of asthma and calm nerves and de-worming and by mixing 50 gm fennel +25 gm candy. After crushing so blessed and taken Sava at bedtime for 10 days Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

3 - is given a drink and calming for children powder, fennel, and in addition to a little sugar and add it to a cup of water and describe the benefits that boiling infected coughs and asthma SOLD / Sun used its seeds as a treatment for malaria, and expectorant, and its core rich in protein,minerals and vitamins, and this is what makes it useful in alleviating blood and prevent hardening of the arteries. eating seeds constantly causing the safety of the gums and the strength of the teeth to contain the seeds of phosphate, calcium, and small amounts of fluorine, which prevents tooth decay and useful in cases of night blindness Sweat licorice / and benefit other diseases of the chest and coughing all kinds and come out phlegm at all, and to benefit from the pain of the liver and spleen, burning urine and flames and generate menstruation, and fit hemorrhoids and purified all muscle. 

Handles dry cough, asthma, lung and throat and inflammation of the stomach. and to treat diarrhea: crushed 40 g of sweat licorice +40 gm of sulfur blossom +40 g of fennel +60 gm +200 from plant sugar, mixing spoon ISV and everyone one evening every day feeling intestines, and Small tablespoons every evening for diarrhea, stomach Jujube / benefit of the roughness of the throat and chest, coughing and flames, thirst and the predominance of blood and corruption mood of the liver, kidney, bladder and stomach tumors Visit About Us


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