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23 Jun 2014

Squeeze then filtered juice in a cup by about two tablespoons of glycerin, filling the rest of the cup honey and the mixture is well blended, taken from this drink a teaspoon in the case of inflammation of the trachea in cases of nagging coughing spells during the night, take a teaspoon before bedtime, and the like are taken during the night. 

Hypothyroidism Revolution Review Tom Brimeyer To remove freckles and of the face and lemon is very beneficial for the skin, especially oily skin, because it cleans and makes tissues and fueled much Mango / mangoes of all kinds contain a large proportion of the nutrients necessary for the body contains mango on sugars and fat and protein, and a large proportion of vitamin A and the average amount of vitamin B acid and citric and vitamin C, and the amount of volatile oil crust native region of the country of India mango contains vitamin A which is important for resistance to infections, especially in children and the presence of vitamins (c) and (b) in the body of mango protects against disease scurvy and beriberi and pellagra. 

(Herbs) anise: 

1 - Useful in cases of treatment of headaches, shortness of breath, as it stimulant powers for the digestive system and appetizing. 

2 - Useful in treating colic resulting from poor digestion 

3 - Uses repellent gases 

4 - Useful to the uterus and therefore is used to generate the menstrual. 

5 - useful in the treatment of ascites and weak kidneys and spleen here The Success Stories

6 - quid goes throbbing Chamomile :: analyst soothing nothing like him in lightening dams, and remove the headache and fever and mold and Sherpa, and the vapor especially vinegar strengthens, liver and heartbreaking gravel and take off pimples and eliminates cracks and back ache and sciatica and arthritis, gout and scabies.


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