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21 Jun 2014
- other areas of the body, often the lungs and bones could be thyroid cancer, which reappear treatable, and the doctor may some periodic tests and imaging the thyroid gland to investigate signs of the emergence of this cancer again.  Treatment: depends treatment options for thyroid cancer on the pattern and stage of the cancer and the level of general health of the patient and the personal choices as well. 

1. Surgery Subject most patients with thyroid cancer surgery to remove all or most of the thyroid gland, and include surgical procedures used to treat thyroid cancer:  Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution

- Remove all the thyroid gland, or part of it (the eradication of thyroid): The process used to remove all the thyroid gland is the most commonly used in the treatment of cancers of the thyroid, and in most cases, the doctor leave the edges of the small tissue thyroid about glands parathyroid and to minimize the risk of injury to these glands any harm, and referring surgeons for this process sometimes called thyroidectomy incomplete 

- Remove lymph nodes in the neck: when removal of the thyroid gland, may surgeon removes also the enlarged lymph glands in the neck and examined to detect the presence of cancer cells in them.  Conducted thyroid cancer over the creation of a surgical incision in the skin of the base of the neck, and carry these surgeries risk of infection and bleeding, and may be involved glands parathyroid hurt During the surgery, leading to low levels of calcium in the body, in addition to the risk of harm incidental to the nerves of the vocal cords, which may lead to paralysis of the vocal cords or roughness or hoarseness or difficulty breathing.


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