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21 Jun 2014
Hypothyroidism Revolution Tom Brimeyer Review - A group of prostaglandins endocrine diseases: the area under the lead clinical role and the pituitary gland a key role in regulating the balance complexity of the hormones in the body and therefore any increase or decrease in hormones pituitary significantly affect the metabolism and examples of this growth hormone, which affects the tissue structural increase excretion after puberty leads to the continued growth of the long bones, as well as the bones of the parties.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Tom Brimeyer Leading to what is known gigantism while the lack of this hormone in the pre-puberty leads to growth is not sufficient for the long bones, which leads to the palace textures jpg either increase this hormone after puberty leads to the growth of not only the flat bones such as hands Exhorter cortex of the adrenal, which activates the secreted deficiency leads to what is known syndrome Cushing and their symptoms: the face of a circular puffy (lunar-Moon face).  - Obesity concentrated in the trunk of the body and blocks lipid concentrated above the collarbone and down the back of the neck called Buffalo (Buffalo hump.) 

- Violet lines in the skin and especially the abdominal area (Purple Striae).  - The skin is thin and delayed wound healing and easy bruising on the body (blue spots in the skin represents the bleeding under the skin.)  - The thinnest parts of the body and fingers.  - Muscle weakness and atrophy.  - High blood pressure and sugar (diabetes) and a drop in the body's immunity against microbes and psychiatric disturbances.

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