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20 Jun 2014

* Hyper or laziness gland  * Note that the whole of the symptoms of deficiencies in the work of the thyroid gland - fatigue lasting, lack of coordination, lack of mental clarity, increased nervous depression, a sense of too cold, even in hot weather, drought and density in the skin, pounding in the hair and hair loss, especially in the eyelashes, dryness and itching severe in the eyes, muscle spasm and pain in the hands and in the feet, and an increase in weight and the inability to lose kilos excess, despite the adoption of a diet harsh, constipation, alterations in the menstrual cycle system, the inability to conceive, fading in sexual activity, feeling sleepy even after eight hours of sleep. 

Hypothyroidism Revolution External beam radiotherapy can be radiotherapy using an external source through the machine went packages of energy to a specific point in the body, and called this process radiotherapy using beams of Foreign Affairs, and the patient undergoes this process for a few minutes a day for 5 days a week, and during the meeting the therapeutic, the patient lies on a table while moving the machine around him.  Chemotherapy: is drug treatment uses chemicals to kill cancer cells, and given chemotherapy usually through a vein, and moving these chemicals through the body and kill all the cells with rapid growth, and including cancer cells. 

Recovered and you are the farthest us every disease and epidemic phylogeny and health and wellness you, me, the most beautiful.  Symptoms of excessive thyroid tachycardia, atrial sweating, shortness of breath, insomnia, mood swings, swelling in neck, infections of the eyes, loss of weight, excessive sensitivity to heat, thirst frequently, weakness and relaxes the muscles, irregular menstrual cycle, a decline in the fertility rate.


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