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20 Jun 2014

If you are experiencing symptoms n consult your doctor who will examine thyroid and measure your pulse and looking for the presence of tremors hands, and ask about other symptoms such as diarrhea and increase the sense of too hot. 

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Will doctor to withdraw a blood sample to measure levels of hormones thyroxin, which rises in the case of an overactive thyroid gland, and hormone levels catalyst for the thyroid, which is decline in the case of an overactive thyroid gland. might also need to make Pretesting absorption of iodine wax that swallow a small amount of iodine irradiated, and then 24 hours is measured by the concentration of radioactive iodine in the thyroid gland, and being filmed a survey of that gland, and will prove the presence of higher levels of radioactive iodine if you are diabetic Graves or the doctrine of thyroid secretes thyroid hormones. 

Aimed at the treatment of Graves' disease to reduce the production of thyroid hormones of the thyroid gland and to reduce symptoms resulting from levels in excess of those hormones in the blood.  Could reduce the production of thyroid hormones antiretroviral activity hypothyroidism or treatment with iodine wax or surgery, and we will now explain each method separately. - Anti-Activity thyroid or anti-thyroid Drugs: These drugs inhibit the thyroid gland to produce hormones.  Usually is the first treatment for Graves' disease is usually achieved effective results within a few weeks. in some people affect the cause of these drugs produce side effects include skin rashes, itching or fever, and in cases rare may cause inflammation of the liver or a shortage of white blood cells fight infection, call your doctor If you get a fever or sore throat, or you notice any yellowing of the skin.


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