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20 Jun 2014

- Hair and skin texture.

- The thyroid gland (to detect changes in the size and strength of the external form.)  - The heart and lungs.  - Reflections nerve has instructs the doctor to conduct laboratory tests or research the following: -  - tests and thyroid function (blood tests) once a month and more than average if you have adjusted doses of medicines thyroid recently or If you are a woman pregnant.

Tom Brimeyer Ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland if they are abnormal in size or shape.  Being a doctor a blood test to measure the level of the hormone catalyst of the thyroid gland, rise in this hormone refers to a lack of thyroid activity. Because Hashimoto's disease is the most common cause of failure Thyroid common, often do not need to be more of the tests, however, in some cases carried out further tests, such as measuring the levels of antibodies to the thyroid in the blood. 

If someone doctor case palaces thyroid activity, it is likely that he will prescribe you medication compensation hormonally, a for a synthetic version of the thyroid hormones natural namely T3 and T4, or both (tablets thyroxin.) for people older people or those who suffer from a disease of the heart, they have to eat a dose primary is very low, as the higher levels that could pose a burden on the heart.  Will The doctor monitors the levels of thyroid hormones have (to determine the optimal dose) by measuring the level of stimulating hormone thyroid blood in about 6 weeks, and once you reach the appropriate dose measuring the level of stimulating hormone thyroid at a lower rate Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution


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